Julie Hill

12 Experiments

Month 1: No More Loose Ends

A lot of people are starting off their 12 Experiments with cleaning or organizing their homes, which is a wonderful way to start the new year. My to-do list is a little more diverse, including clothes that have been waiting to get dry cleaned for literal years, having to make one phone call, but to do it I’d have to find a piece of paper in my files, and who has the time, et cetera.

So I’m going to be tackling those sorts of things. Currently, I have a list of about 20 items that I’ve put off, or that annoy me on a regular basis (untidy bathroom cabinets, anyone?). It’s not the most exciting, but I consider it a sort of pre-experiment, cleaning out my mental gutters so I can more fully delve into the future (more difficult) experiments. Crossing off lists is easy for me, so I’m excited to see how those harder future tasks go.

I’m also loosely incorporating other people’s goals, like getting dressed and making the bed first thing in the morning, and making sure the sink is empty and clean at night, and attempting to live with more love in my heart, and examine those things or people I can’t currently do that for (a prelude to Month 3: Forgiveness). It’s a good start to the new year, and more loose and forgiving than resolutions.

Here’s to an experimental 2019!

Julie Hill