Julie Hill


Drawing During Meetings



In high school, I made it a practice to have my note-taking paper on the left of the desk, and my drawing paper on the right, taking drawing breaks to note something academically important down on the left-hand paper. 

In Spanish class one day, I was particularly absorbed and caught unawares by my Spanish teacher's hand appearing suddenly on my drawing. She wordlessly turned it around and looked at it, while I, never really one to get in trouble in school and thus made uncomfortable by the possibility, waited with baited breath. Segundos passados, and then she turned it back around, said, "nice," and continued with the lesson.



This habit followed me into my first post-college job at a design agency, where these drawings were born. Some studies assert the benefit of doodling is that it prevents your mind from daydreaming, and so keeps you more present than if you were trying to be solely attentive.