Julie Hill


Her Cincinnati Redesign



I'm proud to share with you all the new look of Her Cincinnati magazine! Her came to CityBeat after we were acquired by a new publisher; editor Maija Zummo, photographer Jesse Fox and I were given the task of making the magazine our own.

Initially, this publication was distributed in three markets (Nashville, Kansas City and Cincinnati) which shared design but differed in content. The other two have since closed their pages, so we here in Cincinnati were presented with a wonderful opportunity to really customize the magazine (both in look and content) to our market and audience.

In addition to introducing new fonts, colors and refined layouts, I also reworked and refined the icon system, designed to function as wayfinding to supplement the page numbers, and introduced a more sophisticated illustration style.


Icon use before (left) and after (right)


Sample of new icons

The magazine is large-format (10x14in) so it was also very important to me to play up photography, as opposed to copy and type, which dominated most pages of the old Her.


Palate section before (left) and after (right)

Illustration was also a very important part of Her's overall style when the magazine came into our hands. I wanted to keep the amount of illustration constant, but create custom illustration (as opposed to stock, which was primarily being used) to further define Her's unique voice and brand, adding warmth and character.


Confessions illustration before (left) and after (right)

I'm very excited to continue to refine and improve this magazine as we go along. Below are a few more pages, pick one up if you live in the Cincinnati area!